Foreign Assistance in the Digital Age

In August 2015, Brookings Global Economy and Development hosted the twelfth annual Brookings Blum Roundtable on Global Poverty in Aspen, Colorado. This year’s roundtable theme, “Disrupting development with digital technologies,” brought together global leaders, entrepreneurs, practitioners, and public intellectuals to discuss three trends in particular that have the potential to redefine how global development occurs and how efforts will support it over the next 10 years:

(1) the growing adoption of digital payments serving people everywhere with near-frictionless transactions;

(2) the spread of internet connectivity and digital literacy; and

(3) the harnessing of data to better serve the poor and to generate new knowledge.

mSTAR’s Shailee Adinolfi wokred with USAID’s Ann Mei Chang and others to draft a policy brief on Foreign assistance in the digital age.


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